About us

the roots of a great passion

Our family run farm business, nestled in the vineyard landscape recently awarded prestigious UNESCO heritage recognition, for seven generations has cultivated the vineyard producing quality wines in the hills of Agliano Terme. We have eighteen hectares of land, with eleven vineyards of mostly Barbera d’Asti, a wine for which Agliano Terme is the ideal setting.

Our philosophy

we work with our hands; we produce with our hearts

Tradition, passion, a search for excellence, respect for our history and our territory with openness to the future are the principles of our philosophy and the expression of our wines. At Serra Domenico farm, we work with the aim of “putting the bunch in the bottle”; the integrity and perfection of the fruit harvested in the vineyards are the basis of all our operations at the winery, following a traditional style and constant quality.

Our wines

fine wines from a great territory

Our 100% native vines are vinified in purity; this is the expression of the enological wealth that only these hills can give. Our wines reflect the characteristics of our vineyards, the age of the plants, the soil from which they grow and the vintage. They vary from year to year, but not by size. The Serra Domenico farm associates working the vineyards with respect for nature and a careful selection of the grapes with traditional winemaking methods carried out using modern equipment.


Guided tours and tastings

the extraordinary journey that leads the bunch from the tree to the bottle

The hills of Monferrato, a UNESCO heritage site, surround the historic “Cascina dell’Avvocato,” our company headquarters. Tours leave from our vineyards, spread over some of the most beautiful hills of Agliano Terme and end in the cellar, for an experience that will take you through the unique path that leads the bunch from the tree to the bottle. At the end of the route you can sample our wines, tasting not only the flavor but also the history.