Our philosophy

we work with our hands; we produce with our hearts

Tradition, passion, a search for excellence, respect for our history and our territory with openness to the future are the principles of our philosophy and the expression of our wines.
At Serra Domenico, we work with the aim of “putting the bunch in the bottle”; integrity and perfection of the fruit harvested in the vineyards are the basis of all our operations at the winery, following a traditional style and constant quality.
Agliano Terme is one of the best places in the world for producing and tasting La Barbera d’Asti which, with the article “La” of tradition, is the quintessential red table wine.

Putting the bunch in the bottle

This is the objective that we aim to reach along with our winemaker Roberto Olivier. We personally follow all processing stages in the vineyard, adhering to the latest studies on the subject of pruning to allow the vines to express their maximum potential, and hand-picking the best grapes. In addition, we do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers, respecting the territory and our health and that of our customers. All treatments that we perform on the vine are natural, using copper salts, natural lime and sulfur, respecting tradition and nature.
The particularity of our territory along with our experience allows us to produce the quality of our wines already in the vineyard, and then store it through work and rest in the cellar.

About Us

the roots of a great passion

Our family run farm business, nestled in the vineyard landscape recently awarded prestigious UNESCO heritage recognition, for seven generations has cultivated the vineyard producing quality wines in the hills of Agliano Terme. We have eighteen hectares of land, with eleven vineyards of mostly Barbera d’Asti, a wine for which Agliano Terme is the ideal setting.

Domenico Serra and his son Lorenzo follow firsthand all phases of wine production, from the vineyard to the cellar, continuing a tradition that has its roots in the past and which, apart to the various shades of Barbera, offers Cortese, Grignolino, Dolcetto and Freisa.

Currently, our farm serves restaurants and wine bars, as well as individuals who come to us for tours and tastings.

Our Story

Agliano: the second half of the 1700s

Historical records tell us that since the second half of the 1700s, the Serra family was working the land on the Hill of Vialta, district of Agliano Terme (AT). For seven generations, starting with Pietro, the tradition was handed down without interruption from father to son.

The Serra family in the sixties

In 1963 Giuseppe Serra “Pinòto” acquired from Tirello Pilade, a prominent lawyer and owner of four estates in Agliano, the farmhouse in Vialta and the grounds of surrounding properties. With the purchase of Cascina dell’Avvocato, still the headquarters of the farm, the Serra family doubled the hectares of land.

The Serra family in the seventies

In 1974, Guido Serra and his son founded the company of the same name, expanding from year to year by buying other vineyards such as those of Ruè, Pozzo dell’olmo, Casèn, and Riva del bosco and incorporating the Cascina Merlin and surrounding grounds of his wife Franca. In the same year, we began direct sales of wine in wooden barrels and demijohns throughout Northern Italy. The only means of advertising Guido and his son Domenico use are word-of-mouth and the quality of their wines.

Serra Domenico farm

In 2002, Guido left the farm in the hands of his son Domenico, giving it his name. The strong choice remains that of the family business, providing a direct and authentic relationship between the farmer and the land, with respect for the territory and the environment.

Serra family today

In 2008, Lorenzo, the eldest son of Domenico, joined the company and immediately began working to merge the traditions rooted in the teachings of the family with a look at the future, necessary to carve out their own space in a more modern and demanding market. Lorenzo’s main project became transforming the family farm, omitting other types of cultivation and focusing exclusively on wine production, directing the production increasingly toward qualitative excellence. In recent years, Domenico and Lorenzo have chosen to pick and vinify grapes from individual vintages. Today the farm invests, as well as on quality, also on the image of its wines, which express the true character of the grapes’ varietal purity and elegance, stressing the importance of the terroir.